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Forge auditions are open to the public, no matter the level of experience, and are generally held on two dates in order to allow the most number of people to fit it into their schedule.  Some directors prefer a prepared audition, others do cold readings from the script, still others may do both.  Be sure to check the audition page for the specific show you are interested in for audition information.  Please note:  Forge is an all-volunteer organization.  There is no compensation of any kind.


Auditions for

Terrance McNally’s


Sunday January 26 and Monday January 27

Callbacks Wednesday January 29

7:30 PM

Performance dates:  June 6, 7, 13, 14, 20, 21, 22, 27, 28, 29, 2014

THE FULL MONTY’s message goes much deeper than shedding ones clothes. It is a beautiful, heartwarming story about human vulnerability and the power to rise above. It is about love and tenacious spirit. It is about the fear of full disclosure and the ability to conquer that fear. These men, who have lost their jobs, their loves and for one, nearly his life, bond together and realize their importance and full potential as human beings. 

Director Wendy Mirto, Musical Director Denise Wisneski, Asst. Musical Director Clem Mirto, Choreographer Renee Schulz, and Producer Cathy Stratoti are looking for a talented cast of 21 performers for this very popular rock musical.

Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script, vocal audition-16 bars of music provided by the person auditioning, and dance/movement. Be sure to wear comfortable clothes and PLEASE keep them on for auditions! Also, please do not audition for this rock musical with a Rogers and Hammerstein piece.

Questions?  Contact Wendy Mirto at


7 women ages 20-60+

12 men ages 20-60+

1 African-American man 35+

1 boy age 10-14 (heavy language)

NOTE:  This musical involves adult content including short bits of nudity. 6 of the male characters will need to strip, 5 to The Full Monty but only for a brief second at the end of the show.

Also seeking MUSICIANS:  Saxophones, trumpets, flutes, clarinets, electric bass, drums.  If interested, please contact Clem Mirto at



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Questions?  Contact us by email:


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