Steel Magnolias 

written by Robert Harling

The ladies in Truvy’s small-town beauty parlor love each other, even as they argue and gossip about practically everything. Steel Magnolias takes us on a sometimes comic, sometimes heart-wrenching ride with the ladies as they discover loyalty, trust, and true friendship during life’s most challenging moments.

directed by Greg Morton

March 1, 2, 8, 9, 10, 14, 15, 16 2013

                                                    See rehearsal photos HERE.

  Produced & Directed by Greg Morton


Truvy – Pam Taylor

Annelle – Christa Wisneski

Clairee – Regina DePaolis

Shelby – Abbie Cichowski

M’Lynn – Wendy Mirto

Ouiser – Stevie Tagye


Stage Manager - Linda Blystone

Set Design – Hal Holzer

Set Construction Chief  – Scott Coonradt

Set Construction – Carey Rumpf, Clem Mirto, Wings Wisneski, Christa Wisneski, James Reese, Stevie Tagye, Hal Holzer

Set Decoration – Greg Morton, Regina DePaolis, Denise Wisneski

Costume Coordinator – Regina DePaolis

Lighting Design – Clem Mirto

Tech/Sound Operators – Scott Coonradt and J.T. Grosch

Props – The Cast, Linda Blystone

Hair Consultant – Marie Phillips, The Hairdresser, Inc.

Cast Photos – Eric Sanchez

Curtain Speech – Deanna Wisneski

Voice Over and Sound Effects – Ian Alexander



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