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    When you visit the theatre, please observe our "Good Neighbor Policy" by not parking on First Avenue. Thank you.

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General Information

Forge auditions are open to the public, no matter the level of experience, and are generally held on two dates in order to allow the most number of people to fit it into their schedule.  Some directors prefer a prepared audition, others do cold readings from the script, still others may do both.  Be sure to check the audition page for the specific show you are interested in for audition information.  Please note:  Forge is an all-volunteer organization.  There is no compensation of any kind.

When you come to the theatre, please observe our Good Neighbor Policy and DO NOT PARK on First Avenue.

Questions?  Contact us by email: forgetheatrephoenixville@gmail.com


Our 55th Season!




Jan. 8 @ 2:00, Jan. 9 @ 7:00            Snow date Jan. 11 @ 7


Show Synopsis: A psychiatrist is given the task of unraveling the reasons behind a young man’s vicious attack on 6 horses. Taking place in England in the late 1970s.

EQUUS Auditions:
Actors 18 years of age and older are invited to the January auditions for EQUUS,  Forge Theatre in Phoenixville, PA which will open in April 2017. Please find all relevant audition & show info below.
Humans – Please be prepared to read scenes from the play.
Horses – Please be prepared to do animal and improv work.
Monologues will be seen if they are prepared.

Important Dates:
1st Night of Auditions: Sunday, January 8th, 2017 – 2pm
2nd Night of Auditions: Monday, January 9th, 2017 – 7pm
Snow Date/Call Back: Wednesday, January 11, 2017 – 7pm
Performances: April 14-15-21-22-23-28-29-30 (2017)
Rehearsals Run: Sun-2pm, Mon-7pm, Wed-7pm.
Full Schedule & Sides are available upon request.

Character Breakdown:

Alan Strang: M,17, Has an intense, religious fascination with horses. After blinding six horses with a spike, he is sent to therapy. (NOTICE: Only individuals 18+ by the time of the auditions will be considered for this role. Please be prepared to show some form of Photo Identification to confirm your age. Full Nudity Required)

Martin Dysart: M,45+, Alan’s psychiatrist. Dissatisfied with life & work. Treating Alan makes Dysart question the results of his work, & his own existence.

Dora Strang: F,35+, Alan’s mother. A devout Christian; read Alan passages from the Bible throughout his childhood.

Frank Strang: M,35+, Alan’s father, Not religious, and criticizes his wife’s spiritual views.

Hesther Salomon: F,45+, The court magistrate responsible for initially bringing Alan to Dysart for treatment.

Jill Mason: F,17, A free-spirited girl who works at the stables with Alan, and who becomes romantically interested in him. (NOTICE: Only individuals 18 or older by the time of the auditions will be considered for this role. Please be prepared to show some form of Photo Identification to confirm your age. Partial Nudity Required)

Nurse: F,25+, The nurse who works for Dysart, who brings him news about Alan throughout his treatment.

Harry Dalton: M,40+, Owner of the stable at which Alan & Jill work; where Alan blinded the horses.

Nugget: Any,18+, A horse in Dalton’s stables to which Alan feels a strong connection. Nugget is the horse god “Equus.” (NOTICE: Only individuals 18+ by the time of the auditions will be considered for this role. Please be prepared to show some form of Photo Identification to confirm your age. Partial Nudity Required, Must be strong enough to have ALAN “Ride” on their back, Must Also be comfortable with a nude male on top of and/or touching them)

Horseman: M,25+, Man riding his horse on the beach, who invites a young Alan to ride a horse for his first time.


Artwork by Suki, BTV, & Inked by Marnie Herzfeld.
EQUUS by Peter Shaffer will be presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH, INC.

La Mancha_edited-1

Feb. 26 @ 7:00, Feb. 28 @ 7:00         Snow date March 2 @ 7

Please come prepared with 16 bars of music and the sheet music for it. Our music director will also have books with show tunes available. All auditioners must sing with piano accompaniment. We will read from the script and there will be some dance/movement audition as well.


(5 female; 6 male)

Aldonza — Dulcinea
Antonia — Alonso’s niece
Fermina — Moorish Girl dancer
Maria — innkeeper’s wife
Housekeeper — employee of Alonso
Miguel de Cervantes (Don Quixote and Alonso Quijana)
Sancho Panza — manservant
Dr. Sanson Carrasco — Antonia’s fiancé and Knight of the Mirrors


Captain of the Inquisition — played by a prisoner
Governor — played by a prisoner
Duke — played by a prisoner
Attendants to the Knight — played by prisoners
Muleteers: Jose, Tenorio, Paco, Juan, Anselmo, Pedro and a Guitar Player — prisoners


Prison Guards
Gypsies (Moors)
Men of the Inquisition





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