Forge TheatreForge Theatre is a non-profit organization that has been serving the Phoenixville area since 1962. We are dedicated to providing high quality theatre to the community at a reasonable price. We would be glad to have you become a member of the Forge Theatre family and join our volunteers in accomplishing our many and varied tasks.

Benefits of Membership

Your annual membership* fee enables you to perform in as many shows in a season as you are cast, and to work on as many shows as you’d like. You are also entitled to see each of the six shows in our regular season, not including the children’s show or benefit performances. A member who is too involved in a show to be able to see it from the audience (acting, working backstage, or running lights, e.g.), may transfer his/her ticket for that show to another patron.

There are several social events during the year to which members are invited: the annual banquet, script-in-hand readings, etc. Members should plan to attend the general membership meetings and are strongly encouraged to participate on the Playreading and Hospitality Committees. Each month, you will receive the newsletter, Sparks from the Anvil, which will update you on the latest theatre happenings.

*Annual membership dues paid between July 1 and September 1 are only $30.

Questions?  Contact us by email:

Purchase a membership online or at the next show.

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